our company

We are a team of engineers and designers in Germany, specialized in

    online engineering of plastic components with CATIA V5.

We are in more than 25 years experience in plastics engineering and automotive industry
, interior), we offer high quality and innovative engineering services

We and our customers found out that:
Good valued designers won't be recognized through highly rated hours,
but the level of capacity and experience required:

  • The hourly rates vary depending around 20% .. 30%
  • The required time for is varies by a factor of 2 .. 4 (for the same result)
  • and the quality of construction (the result) determines the costs of production ...


The owner and senior engineer Dieter Egert, Dipl.-Ing. (BA) is since the mid-80s in the business.
Upto end 1999 he worked as development engineer at Robert Bosch GmbH,
business unit 'Plastic and Metal Products'. In this time he applied for 17 patents.
Since 2000 he first worked as freelancer for engineering with CATIA, today with several employees.