We optimize the cooperation with our customers by means of

  • Remote Engineering
  • and online meetings with desktop sharing

Remote Engineering

In many industries, the product development process in recent years has greatly changed.
Increasing parts of the development process is often provided by suppliers and external partners.
The challenge is to optimize the cooperation between all these project partners.

We responded to this by offering remote engineering.

Mostly we work concentrated in our own offices, and are only for meetings by customers.
But with our project partners we are closely linked:
- Regular or
spontaneous online meetings (with desktop sharing) and
- Through our online collaboration center for project planning, data and discussions
(instead of time consuming mail tsunamis with sprawling distribution).

Meet up on your own PC, sees the same original data, and discuss what's lined up.
Connected online to a local independent team of experts.

Online Meetings

Finally, we recommend the use of online meetings via an internet browser
for instant or scheduled meetings.
we can discuss presentations or screen content (eg from CAD data),
supported by
drawing functions, chat, phone or headset and webcam
audio and video transmission), if available.

Depending on the current requirements we use pcvisit or other customer systems.
Your benefits:

  • Saving travel time and costs for all project partners
  • Independence of the location of the participants
  • Online meetings with many participants are more concentrated (no distractions)